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How do moisture wick socks work? Understanding moisture wicking

Uncover the science behind moisture wick socks and how they work to keep your feet dry, comfortable, and fresh throughout the day.


Introduction to moisture wick socks

When we think of healthy feet, we should also think of dry and comfortable feet. And for that, we turn to moisture wicking socks, like Akeso Socks. But what exactly makes these socks work so well? How do they keep our feet dry and comfortable? This article will take you behind the scenes of moisture wicking socks and show you their role in enhancing your comfort.

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What does moisture wicking mean?

‘Moisture wicking’ is a term you’ll often hear in fabric technology. It refers to the process where a material pulls sweat away from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric, where it evaporates. But it’s not just about pulling the moisture away – it’s about doing it efficiently and consistently. This ‘wicking’ action helps keep your feet dry and comfortable.


The science behind moisture wicking

The workings of moisture wicking involve a fascinating mix of physics and fabric technology. Hydrophilic (water-attracting) and hydrophobic (water-repelling) materials are the key players. They team up with a physical process known as capillary action.

In simple terms, capillary action is a phenomenon where liquid defies gravity to flow in a narrow space, like a tube. It occurs when the adhesive force between the liquid and the tube walls overpowers the cohesive forces within the liquid. In the case of socks, the tiny spaces between the fibres act as these ‘tubes’, enabling the transport of sweat from the skin to the exterior of the sock.

Akeso Socks, made from Metis PCA™ fibre, exemplifies this blend of science and technology. Metis PCA™ fibre ensures efficient moisture wicking, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.


How do moisture wick socks work?

Moisture wicking socks work in a simple yet effective way. As your foot sweats, the moisture is absorbed by the hydrophilic parts of the fabric. Then, capillary action, powered by body heat and pressure inside your shoe, moves the moisture towards the hydrophobic parts, usually the outer layer of the sock. Once the moisture reaches the outer surface, it evaporates, leaving your foot dry and comfortable.


Benefits of moisture wick socks

There are numerous advantages to moisture wick socks. They prevent blisters, which are often caused by friction between damp skin and the inner surface of shoes. By keeping the feet dry, these socks also deter the growth of fungus and bacteria, protecting your feet from conditions like athlete’s foot. For individuals engaged in physical activities, these socks provide added comfort by reducing the discomfort of sweaty feet. Akeso Socks, in particular, leverages the benefits of Metis PCA™ fibre to provide these advantages.


Moisture wick socks: A step beyond traditional materials

Compared to traditional sock materials like cotton or wool, moisture wicking technology offers superior performance in keeping feet dry. Cotton, although breathable, retains moisture and can take a long time to dry. Wool has better moisture management properties, but may not be suitable for all climates or activities. In contrast, Akeso Socks, crafted with Metis PCA™ fibre, are designed to manage sweat effectively, making them a comfortable choice for a wide range of situations. The Metis PCA™ fibre is a specially designed fibre with a unique cross-section and physical properties that allow it to absorb and release moisture rapidly, providing superior moisture management and comfort.



Understanding the workings of everyday items, especially those designed for our health and comfort, can be enlightening. Moisture wicking socks, like those offered by Akeso Socks, are more than just a foot covering; they’re a thoughtful integration of science and comfort aimed at enhancing our daily life. They draw sweat away from our skin, keeping our feet dry, comfortable, and in peak condition. So, the next time you’re shopping for socks, consider the superior benefits of moisture wicking socks from Akeso. They’re a small change that could make a world of difference to your comfort and foot health.

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