No-Show Socks

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Experience the ultimate in discretion and comfort with Akeso’s No-Show Socks. These low-cut socks remain invisible while providing the exceptional performance of Metis PCA™ fibre. Perfect for a range of activities – from sports to casual outings. Enjoy the benefits of outstanding odour control, breathability, and moisture management in every step.

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Akeso’s No-Show Socks represent an ideal blend of invisible comfort and functional excellence, designed with both comfort and foot health in mind. These no-show socks provide a discreet yet supportive layer under your shoes, making them perfect for a variety of activities, from intense gym sessions to relaxed daily walks. Crafted with our advanced Metis PCA™ fibre, they excel not only in odour control and moisture-wicking but also in promoting foot health. Their breathable and anti-bacterial properties help maintain a healthy foot environment, reducing the risk of common foot problems like athlete’s foot. These features ensure your feet stay fresh, dry, and comfortable, supporting your overall foot well-being throughout the day.

Key Advantages

  • Odour-Free Technology: Infused with innovative Metis PCA™ fibre, these socks keep your feet smelling fresh, no matter how long your day stretches.
  • Antimicrobial Action: Stay protected with the antibacterial and anti-fungal capabilities that shield your feet from common skin problems.
  • Adaptive Comfort: The thermo-regulating fibres adjust to your body’s natural temperature, providing comfort in both chilly and warm conditions.
  • Moisture Protection: Superior moisture-wicking properties mean your feet stay dry, keeping discomfort and dampness at bay.
  • Blister Barrier: Designed with your active lifestyle in mind, our socks minimise friction and protect against blisters.
  • Travel-Friendly: With no need for frequent washing, these socks are a traveler’s best friend.

Akeso’s No-Show Socks are more than just footwear; they are an essential part of your daily routine, providing both comfort and care for your feet in a discreet and stylish way.

Wash & Care Instructions

  • Easy Maintenance: Machine wash in warm or cold water as needed, and they’ll emerge as good as new.
  • Quality Preservation: Avoid bleach and fabric softeners to ensure the integrity of the moisture-wicking and antimicrobial properties.
  • Drying Flexibility: Choose between tumble drying or air drying; these socks are resilient and quick to recover

Additional Information
Weight N/A
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 3 cm

Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small

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Sizes AU Size US Size UK Size Euro Size
Small 4-6 5-7 2-4 35-37
Medium 6-8 7-9 4-6 36-39
Large 8-10 9-11 6-8 38-41
X-Large 10-12 11-13 8-10 42-44
XX-Large 12-14 13-15 10-12 44-46
Sizes AU Size US Size UK Size Euro Size
Large 6-8 7-9 5-8 39-42
X-Large 8-11 9-12 8-11 42-46
XX-Large 11-14 12-15 11-14 46-49

Measure from ear to nose then double.


Measure from bridge to chin.

Mask Left - Right Top - Bottom
Knitted 3 layer - R 185mm 140mm
Knitted 3 layer - L 190mm 145mm
Woven 2 layer - R 250mm 135mm
Woven 2 layer - L 280mm 155mm