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Antibacterial Textiles in Healthcare: The Metis PCA™ Revolution

Delve into the transformative impact of antibacterial textiles in healthcare with a focus on Metis PCA™. This pioneering fibre holds immense promise in curbing infections across a spectrum of medical applications.


Introduction to antibacterial textiles in healthcare

In the demanding world of healthcare, the choice of materials plays a crucial role in promoting health and preventing infections. Enter Metis PCA™ – a game-changing antimicrobial fibre that’s set to redefine hygiene standards in medical environments. As we explore its applications, let’s first understand its pivotal role for those on the medical frontlines.


The importance of antimicrobial footwear for medical professionals

Medical professionals, who are constantly on their feet navigating various hospital zones, face unique challenges. From the ICU to general wards, wearing the right socks becomes essential. Antimicrobial socks made with Metis PCA™ offer not just comfort but also a crucial line of defence against infections. But it’s not just about professionals; patients, too, stand to gain immensely.


Real experiences: Testimonials from the frontline

Hearing the benefits of Metis PCA™ is one thing, but listening to real-life experiences elevates our understanding. Here’s a testimonial from a registered nurse who has firsthand experience with the transformative impact of Metis PCA™ infused products:

As a registered nurse working night duty, I love these socks!

“As a registered nurse working night duty, I love these socks! I bought one pair as a trial (feeling very sceptical!) and was amazed that they really don’t smell, and feel just as comfortable after 2-3 weeks as they did when I first put them on. I’ve been fighting off nail fungus for a couple of years now, so these have been great. Because I have worn them SO much, I notice they are wearing a bit around where the top of my shoe heel rests, but I have darned that patch satisfactorily, then bought more. I’m also a huge fan of the woven mask (until I lost it – very sadly), and about to buy that again. I really recommend these for comfort and odour-free sock wearing, and tell people about them all the time.”

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MRSA: A hidden threat to patients and the protective role of Metis PCA™

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) poses a significant risk to hospital patients, especially those with open wounds. While this dangerous bacteria can spread through various means, protecting one’s feet—a common entry point—becomes vital. Akeso Socks, crafted from Metis PCA™, present a barrier to MRSA, safeguarding patients’ feet from potential infections.

Furthermore, laboratory tests emphasize the potency of Metis PCA™. In line with the AATCC Test method 100-2012, this fibre exhibited a staggering 99.95% reduction rate in Staphylococcus Aureus ATCC 6538 R Value after a 24-hour incubation period, making it a potent barrier against harmful pathogens.

With laboratory tests highlighting Metis PCA™‘s potency against harmful pathogens, it’s evident that the applications of this fibre go beyond just socks.


Expanding the horizons: Metis PCA™ beyond socks

The properties of Metis PCA™ aren’t limited to footwear. Imagine a healthcare environment where numerous touchpoints, from curtains to carpets, offer antimicrobial protection.

Hospital curtains

Curtains in hospitals, constantly exposed to various pathogens, can be a hotbed for bacteria and other microbes. These curtains are frequently touched and are capable of trapping and propagating bacteria, making them a potential transmission point. Using Metis PCA™ fibre in the fabrication of these curtains can transform them from mere partitions into antibacterial barriers, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Patient blankets

Hospital blankets come into direct contact with patients and are, thus, potential vectors for infections. By weaving Metis PCA™ fibre into these blankets, hospitals can ensure they offer not just warmth, but a safe shield against harmful microbes.

Healthcare worker uniforms

Frontline healthcare professionals, from doctors to nurses, are exposed to a myriad of pathogens daily. Their uniforms, if enhanced with Metis PCA™ fibre, can serve as a strong defence against microbial threats. This ensures both their safety and reduces the risk of transmission to patients, while also providing the comfort and moisture-wicking properties vital for long shifts.

Hospital Carpets

Carpets, with their dense fibres, can trap and hold onto a variety of contaminants. Metis PCA™, with its antibacterial properties, can revolutionize hospital carpeting. A carpet made or treated with this fibre can continuously protect against bacterial build-up, making the hospital environment safer and cleaner.

Beyond The Hospital

The magic of Metis PCA™ isn’t restricted to hospitals. In settings like nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, or even outpatient clinics, this fibre can redefine the way patient care is approached. Gowns, uniforms, linens, and more can all benefit from the antibacterial, comfort-enhancing properties of Metis PCA™.



The evolution of antibacterial textiles in healthcare is a testament to our ongoing commitment to developing this special fibre. Metis PCA™ is not just a breakthrough in the realm of socks for medical professionals but heralds a new era in healthcare hygiene. As we tread forward, the vast applications of this innovative fibre promise a safer, more hygienic future for both healthcare professionals and patients alike.

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