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Protecting Australian Homes this Bushfire Season: The Power of the Colan Personal Protection Fire Blanket

With an impending severe bushfire season looming over Australia, it’s crucial to prioritise personal protection. Discover the Colan Personal Protection Fire Blanket, made with the unique and high-performing Metis PCA™ fibre.


Introduction to the Colan Personal Protection Fire Blanket

As Australia is warned of an impending severe bushfire season, it’s paramount for households to equip themselves with top-notch protective measures. Among the front runners in bushfire protection is the Colan Personal Protection Fire Blanket, made with the pioneering Metis PCA™ fibre.


From fire protection to footwear: The journey of Metis PCA™

Metis PCA™ was originally designed by Colan Australia as a high-performance fire-retardant fibre for the Personal Protection Fire Blanket. Its success in this domain led to further research, unveiling additional properties like antibacterial, antifungal, and odour resistance. These revelations paved the way for its innovative use in Akeso Socks, bringing comfort and safety from major emergency situations right down to daily wear.


Features and benefits of the Colan Personal Protection Fire Blanket
  • Australian Craftsmanship, Unsurpassed Quality: Proudly made in Australia, the Colan Personal Protection Fire Blanket epitomizes quality and reliability.
  • Setting the Benchmark: It goes beyond the performance requisites of the Australasian Fire & Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) Personal Protective Blanket Specification V 1.0, 2013.
  • Performance Excellence: The fibre remains inherently flame retardant, can handle temperatures up to 800 Degrees C without melting or igniting, and its low thermal conductivity provides a barrier against intense heat.
  • More than Just Fireproof: Metis PCA™ is also absorbent, soft to the touch, and possesses antimicrobial and antifungal attributes.
  • Built to Last: This durable fibre stands resilient against UV rays, acids, and alkaline.
  • Efficacy in Action: An engaging flame test showcases the blanket’s capabilities when confronted with 800 Degrees of searing heat.



The oncoming bushfire challenge

Forecasts, like the one presented by The Guardian, warn of escalating bushfire risks. Factors such as heightened temperatures, decreased rainfall, and abundant fuel loads indicate that the impending season could rival the intensity of the black summer fires of 2019-20. Especially vulnerable are regions that escaped the last fires, like the Sydney basin, coastal zones, and the Hunter.


A call to prepare

Echoing the Australasian Fire Authorities Council’s stance, there’s an urgent plea for Australians to prepare with utmost caution. And tools like the Colan Personal Protection Fire Blanket are not just recommended but essential.


“In the belly of the beast”

See how the Colan Personal Protection Fire Blanket was used as a shield from radiant heat back in the summer of 2019/20 bushfires by the Wyoming 509 Fire & Rescue NSW as they were overrun during a flashover on Hames Rd, South Nowra:



Backed by heroes

Renowned emergency services across Australia vouch for Colan Australia products. Esteemed entities like the Country Fire Authority (CFA), Victoria Fire & Rescue, Victoria State Emergency Service, Victoria (SES), NSW Fire & Rescue, NSW Rural Fire Service, NSW Police, Volunteer Rescue Association NSW, Queensland Rural Fire Service, South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS), South Australian State Emergency Service (SES), and WA Police have all placed their trust in this tool. Their endorsement alone speaks volumes about the blanket’s indispensable role in this upcoming season.


Australian Rural Fire Fighter Holding Colan Blanket


How the Colan Fire Blanket Works

At the heart of the Colan Personal Protection Fire Blanket is the Metis PCA™ fibre, meticulously designed to deliver unparalleled flame resistance. But how does it accomplish this?

  • Flame Resistance: Unlike many materials that ignite or melt under extreme heat, Metis PCA™ remains unaffected even when exposed to temperatures up to 800°C. This resistance ensures that the blanket forms a reliable barrier against flames, providing a safe refuge during bushfires.
  • Low Thermal Conductivity: The genius behind Metis PCA™ doesn’t stop at flame resistance. Its low thermal conductivity ensures that the intense heat from the flames doesn’t penetrate the blanket. This means that not only are the flames kept at bay, but the scorching heat from the fire is also significantly reduced, offering a protective envelope.
  • Physical Attributes: Beyond its heat resistance, Metis PCA™ is absorbent and remains soft even after exposure to flame and heat. This ensures that in the midst of a fire emergency, the blanket remains easy to handle and drape, maximising protection.

In essence, the Colan Fire Blanket, reinforced with Metis PCA™, acts as a formidable shield against the destructive power of bushfires, providing a vital line of defence in life-threatening situations.



Faced with the prospective challenge of a harrowing bushfire season, Australians must adopt the best measures at hand. The Colan Personal Protection Fire Blanket, enriched with the multifaceted Metis PCA™ fibre, offers more than a shield – it provides peace of mind. The challenge ahead is undeniable, but with the right tools, we stand ready.

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